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Producer/Writer James D Bell has worked in the Music industry for over 20 years and is at home on both sides of the recording console. He has been signed five times and has toured extensively. During this time he has played and worked with artists such as Rick Dufay/Aerosmith, Chris Slade/ACDC/Gary Moore, Keith Wilkinson/Squeeze, Martin smith/ELO and Producers Jimmy Miller Rolling stones, Stuart Epps, Led Zeppelin/Robbie Williams, Nick Coler, Sugar babes/Girls Aloud/FranzFerdinand, Brian Wilson, Boys and many others. 
He has produced numerous bands over the last 10 years and is a Part time Teacher at Tech Music Schools Teaching Production. 
http://www.techmusicschools.co.uk .
Labels Worked for, EMI, Death Row, Chrysalis, Peer music, Global Music, Chappells, Warner Brothers, etc. James has 3 Album projects on the go at the moment, Esoterica, Maleficent, & Angela Castellani from Italy. He has also written for TV and Film and runs his own commercial studio and publishing company.


James D Bell